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You Can Hear, But Struggle to Understand

The ability to process sound is fundamental to speech, hearing, and communication. When you have Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD), your ear functions perfectly, and you’re able to hear sounds well but aren’t able to quickly or accurately distinguish between sounds. You may also have trouble understanding speech in noisy environments. It is often described as “hearing but not understanding.” In other words, CAPD is not a problem with your hearing, but rather an issue that makes listening to and comprehending sounds more challenging.

Symptoms of CAPD:

If you are experiencing symptoms of CAPD you may have difficulty differentiating between words that sound similar, which often leads people to think they have a hearing problem. You may also relate to the symptoms below:

  • Normal hearing test results, but experience difficulty hearing in noisy backgrounds
  • Difficulty following rapid speech
  • Difficulty learning songs
  • Associated reading, spelling and learning problems
  • Distracted by background noises
  • Ask people to repeat themselves often

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Diagnosing CAPD

At Hearing Health Clinic our audiologists will conduct a series of tests to determine whether you have CAPD, and if so, recommend a course of treatment. These hearing tests evaluate:

  • Auditory discrimination
  • Temporal processing
  • Binaural processing
  • Test to minimize the influence of language, cognition, attention or hearing loss

Treatment Options

The efficacy of auditory training is dependent on several factors and is intended to improve auditory deficits by valid tests in a specific manner. An appointment with a professional is the best course of action and the path to a custom treatment plan for you. Treatment options included:

  • Auditory training
  • Communication strategies
  • Enhanced signal accessibility through environmental modifications
  • Aural rehabilitation

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