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Hearing Tips

It’s National Safety Month

June is National Safety Month. What does that have to do with hearing? Consider the following: • Research from Brigham and Women’s Hospital found that respondents who had “a lot of trouble hearing” were almost twice as likely to suffer an accidental injury • Another...

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Hearing Loss As You Get Older

Approximately one in three people in the United States between the ages of 65 and 74 have hearing loss, and nearly half of those older than 75 have difficulty hearing. Untreated hearing loss can make it hard to understand and follow a doctor's advice, respond to...

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Beyond Traditional Hearing Care

When I first bought my audiology practice in 2007 the traditional model of a hearing clinic was primarily focused on treating hearing loss with hearing aids. This approach certainly helps and is enough for some, but for others, more thorough care is needed to optimize...

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Adjusting to New Hearing Aids

Adjusting to your new hearing aids can take several weeks or even months. This process can be time-consuming and frustrating. Your hearing device expert will encourage you to be patient with yourself as you become accustomed to the new amplified sounds. Keep in mind...

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