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New Leasing Options for Hearing Aids!

Keep up with the latest technology with affordable payments

At Hearing Health Clinic, we don’t want the one-time cost of hearing aids to be an obstacle to receiving quality hearing healthcare. Our new leasing option makes getting the care you need more accessible. Enjoy lower monthly payments while keeping up with technology for optimal sound management.   Talk to us! 763-260-6908


Hearing instrument technology, like other technology, is constantly changing and improving. This can mean better performance and satisfaction for you. An option to upgrade every 3 years allows you to enjoy these changes.


NEW rechargeable battery options are available. Simply set your hearing aids on a charger and there is no longer a need to
change your batteries!

Don't wait! Early treatment is the most effective treatment.

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5 reasons LEASING may be right for you

Affordable Hearing Aids

As low as $65.50 a pair

More affordable high-level technology

Low monthly payments allow access to a higher level of technology

Keep up with the newest technology

Option to upgrade to new technology every 3 years

Worry-free maintenance

Hearing aids are in warranty for the 3 years leased

Help others in your community

After your lease is complete, your hearing aids are donated to our nonprofit, Hearing The Call, and given to others in the community who cannot afford hearing aids


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