We have solutions to your hearing problems in Osseo, MN

At Heath Hearing Clinic in Osseo, MN, we offer a wide range of hearing solutions for whatever hearing problems you have. From hearing examinations for children to hearing aid fittings for older adults, we have you covered at our full service clinic. See what all our loyal patients from around Minneapolis have to say about us!

“Really helps me hear better. Wish I had them sooner.”
- Alvin H.

“For years I resisted hearing aids, insisting that it was my wife’s mumbling and poor enunciation. It’s remarkable how these things improved as soon as I began using hearing aids.”
- Elliott H.

“Very well satisfied, can’t believe the sounds I have missed. Fit very comfortable. I love them!”
- Richard T.

“Overall Hearing Health Clinic has helped make my life and other’s lives more comfortable and livable. The whole experience is and has been totally satisfactory and then some.”
- Satisfied Customer

“I definitely wish I would have gotten them sooner as I didn’t realize how much conversation I missed. Plus they made my wife a lot happier because I didn’t have to have her repeat everything!”
- John W.

“I can hear the grandchildren”
- Satisfied Customer

“I made an appointment (at Hearing Health Clinic) hoping so hard for a solution to my hearing problem. Upon entering Heidi’s office I was greeted like an old friend and given information on these wonderful aids that are not only hidden behind my ear and hair, but very comfortable and a little funky too (I ended up choosing the leopard print!). When Heidi adjusted the hearing aids and put them in my ears, I was overwhelmed - I heard her shoes moving on the carpet! I can tell you that I hadn’t heard a sound like that in over 10 years! I did leak some tears and hugged Heidi with thanks.”
- Kristi R.

“My family is very pleased with my decision to acquire hearing aids. They remind me that I missed much of family conversations. It is a very significant improvement in my ability to participate in the daily activities at home and with family because now I know what’s happening in my world.”
- Dianne

“It’s been wonderful! The volume on the TV or radio in the house or vehicle can be lower now, saving my hearing. He doesn’t keep saying, ‘What, what?’ when I talk to him so that’s been a stress reliever for both of us”.
- Corrine S. (Ron’s wife)

“I can hear better, especially in a group setting. I’m able to hear the sermon clearly at church, or whoever is speaking.”
- Ron S.

“(Heidi Hill) took the time to get the hearing aid right. It has made a very positive difference at work (and family).”
- Brian B.

“I would recommend the services of Hearing Health Clinic, especially the help offered by Heidi Hill. You miss out on a lot of things when your hearing doesn’t keep you up to the pace of others. The choices of the different aids are one thing that convinced me to get hearing aids. The shapes and colors are interesting.”
- Barb C.

“I never knew how much I was missing until I got my hearing aids. I knew for years that my hearing was not as good as it should be. But I didn’t want to go through what my mom did with the whistling and embarrassment of wearing hearing aids. The ones I have are hardly noticeable. Most people don’t even know I am wearing hearing aids, and they do not whistle. I put them on every morning and take them off late at night just like glasses.”
- Mary

“I wanted a high quality product at a fair price and I received that. I also wanted a highly trained, experienced and qualified audiologist. I was willing to pay for that experience. I feel that Heidi provided all of that and ongoing care. I can think of no other clinic and audiologist that I would recommend.”
- Mark

“Writing testimonials are somewhat limiting. I wish to express sincere appreciation for Heidi Hill and her patience with me as well as great satisfaction with her knowledge and capabilities. She is caring and seeks to understand the significance of relating in a personal way to patients.”
- Franklyn

“I had visited two other hearing clinics before deciding to purchase from Heidi. I did because I felt totally comfortable that she would work with me to make sure the hearing aid worked properly. She was very patient in making adjustments until the hearing aid improved my hearing to the best it could be.”
- Jim

“I’ve been more than satisfied with the caliber of care, attention to details, suggestions for improving use and care for my hearing instruments by the staff at Hearing Health Clinic. I’ve had the opportunity to make referrals to others who have hearing loss. I’ll not hesitate to alert others of the professional style of Heidi’s work.”
- Father Beckman

“My hearing aids have improved my ability to converse with others and to enjoy many activities that I was losing touch with because of not being able to hear. Their effectiveness is reinforced each time I remove one to change a battery and see how “dead” the world sounds with my hearing aids.”
- Satisfied Customer

“I had realized that I had some hearing loss, but kept putting off shopping for hearing aids. Then when we were visiting with a friend, she mentioned how she liked her hearing aids and recommended Hearing Health Clinic. So I came to Hearing Health Clinic and was tested. I was impressed with the updated technology used in finding out what my level of loss was. I was fitted for hearing aids and was told I could try them for a couple of weeks. That was the best thing for me as now you can’t take them away from me. When I left the clinic that day the first thing I noticed was the sound of the directional signals. My wife noticed a difference also as I did not have to have her repeat things. And in a small group setting, I could hear everyone speaking where before I really had to strain my ears to hear some of the voices. I really recommend Hearing Health Clinic and trying out some aids and find the price range you can afford. I also appreciated the follow up sessions to make sure they were functioning properly. Thanks to my hearing devices, I have a better quality of life and I don’t even realize I am wearing them. Most people don’t even notice I have them on. Thanks Hearing Health Clinic for improving my life style.”
- Bob L

“Before meeting Heidi Hill I had a handful of sales pitches that did not result in success in solving any of the hearing problems I was faced with in my personal and business life. Heidi was so successful in helping me to succeed that I am very grateful and will never forget her brilliant attack on my loss of hearing. I would recommend her to anyone struggling with hearing loss.”
- William

“I’m glad I use my hearing aids. I can tell the moment I put them in that sounds are crisper and easier to hear. I can tell the moment I take them out that sounds are muffled and hard to distinguish. The quality of my life has improved as a result of getting hearing aids. They fit so comfortably, I forget I have them in.”
- Dale Lund

“I would not hesitate to recommend Heidi Hill to people I know. She provided the best information about my hearing loss and hearing aid options than anyone previously.”
- Daniel A.

“Best thing that I ever got! I didn’t realize what I didn’t hear. Thank you! You guys were great.”
- Keith S.

“The only thing I can come up with is WOW! I actually mean WOW! Having only parts of one ear to work with. This brought the sounds of birds back. This has increased my ability to hear!”
- Charles E.

“Heidi is very personable and does an excellent job of making sure a patient is happy and satisfied with the product. She has an excellent knowledge of audiology and relates that to the patient.”
- Harold K.

“I’m glad I heard about the Hearing Health Clinic and Heidi. I had previously tried another product and was unhappy with the product and the service that was provided.”
- Barb C.

“I did not know Heidi, however instantly knew we had the right person.”
- Sally W.