Accepting Insurance Policies for Hearing Aids and Exams

Proudly serving Osseo, MN

We are providers for several insurance plans including Medicare, Health Partners, Medica, Preferred One and United Health Care. It is very common for insurance companies to not provide coverage for hearing aids. Medicaid will pay for diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss for children and young adults under 21. There are several programs to assist children suffering from hearing loss.

Medicare will not cover adults. They will cover an adult hearing exam if diagnostic evaluations are ordered by a physician for the purpose of assisting in development of a treatment plan. Recently, Medicare declared the BAHA a prosthetic device instead of a hearing aid, allowing them to cover it if other coverage policies are met.

Some of our patients in Osseo, MN have found non-profit organizations that work to provide financial assistance for hearing aids, as well as used or refurbished aids.

If you have questions about your insurance policies in Osseo, MN, give our clinic a call! We will be glad to answer your questions and schedule your hearing exam.