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Hearing aids can help improve hearing significantly. When you can hear again, you are able to understand and communicate more effectively. However, the purchase of hearing aids can be a daunting task that most will avoid. Work with us to relieve your stress and find a solution for your unique needs.

Purchasing your hearing aid investment

To begin finding the hearing aids that are right for you, our audiologist will conduct accurate testing, use his or her experience and training to advise you, and provide consistent follow-up care. Hearing aids are an investment and we feel at our clinic in Osseo that you should be completely satisfied with them.

The evaluation

First our clinic in Osseo will conduct an accurate audiological evaluation or hearing test. This evaluation or test will also take into account your personal lifestyle, budget and preferences. In order for you to adjust smoothly to our new hearing aids, we recommend that you openly describe specific instances in which you experience difficulty with hearing.

Making a choice

There are thousands of different hearing aids to choose from. Your audiologist and evaluation will help to narrow your options between digital hearing aids and conventional analog hearing aids.


Your fitted hearing aid is not only formed to your ear but programmed to sound response. You will be given instructions on how to insert the hearing aid in your ear and remove it, how to change the batteries, and proper care and cleaning methods for the device.

We also encourage you to be patient. Hearing aids will never fully restore your natural hearing abilities. Some people experience a long adjustment to their hearing aids while others don’t.

Helpful tips

There are several helpful tips we give to all our patients in Osseo, MN clinic. These include:

  • Have realistic expectations
  • Commit to wearing them every day
  • Understand background noise
  • Two hearing aids are better than one if you have hearing loss in both ears

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