Digital hearing aids for all lifestyles, serving Osseo, MN

Most hearing aids available today are digital. These digital hearing aids contain a computer chip that amplifies your surround sound exceptionally better than THEIR predecessors. They’re known for being flexible and small. Digital hearing aids are easily programmed to respond to soft and loud sounds differently, allowing for near natural sound experiences.

Digital Hearing Aid features

Most digital hearing aids offered by our clinic in Osseo, MN have specific improved features. These include but are not limited to:

  • Dual microphones
  • Sound source identification
  • Ear canal unobstructed to eliminate the “talking in a barrel” effect
  • Feedback cancelation
  • Hands-free technology
  • Computer personalization
  • Wireless technology for your personal devices

With all these great advancements in technology, digital hearing aids are becoming a great accessory instead of another hassle to old age. Contact our clinic in Osseo, MN for a digital hearing aid test.

We work with all major hearing brands.

Digital Hearing Aids - Osseo, MN