The Effects of Untreated Hearing Loss
Jan 30, 2017

Well here I am again...

Untreated hearing loss is damaging. The effects of hearing loss are different for each individual, but most hearing-impaired people suffer some social, psychological and physical problems as a result of their hearing loss.

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Miss hearing can cause some really interesting conversations
Jan 04, 2017

Miss hearing can cause some really interesting conversations

What Did You Say? Oh just forget it – You need to listen – I'm tired of repeating myself. Repeat it again - Seriously? – Nothing, it doesn't matter or in many cases you are simply ignored. The Frustration is REAL ... Do you ever feel like replying ... "Stop treating me like an IDIOT, I'm NOT stupid, I'm hearing impaired!" If you read the headline and 'felt' the struggle, then you are my people!

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Adjusting to New Hearing Aids - Osseo, MN - Hearing Health Clinic
Jul 23, 2016

Adjusting to New Hearing Aids

Adjusting to your new hearing aids can take several weeks or even months. This process can be time consuming and frustrating. Your hearing device expert will encourage you to be patient with yourself as you become accustomed to the new amplified sounds. Keep in mind that hearing aids will not return your hearing to normal. They can improve your hearing by amplifying soft sounds and by reducing loud background noises.

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Amp up your hunting experience this year! - Osseo, MN - Hearing Health Clinic
Apr 21, 2016

Amp up your hunting experience this year!

In the past it has been difficult for me to advise my patients who are hunters. As an audiologist, my job is to help people protect the hearing that they have, but I understand the need for hunters to hear soft sounds while hunting. How do you protect your hearing and amplify soft sounds at the same time? Finally, we have some great options! SoundGear is a 100% digital hearing protection that enhances environmental awareness while also protecting your hearing from gun blasts. There are discreet in-the-canal devices, behind-the-ear and custom options as well.

This is what one of our patients had to say about his experiencing hunting with SoundGear hearing protection: "They were 10 times better than I would have experienced without them. I was able to hear things hunting that I could not hear before. The noise cancelling exceeded my expectation. I wish I had these 20 years ago; I would not have the hearing loss that I have now. They are great." -Mark

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